gym bunniesThe Procrastinator:
I can’t start eating well now because I have a holiday coming up.  Can’t start next week because it’s my mother’s sister’s aunt’s birthday.  The week after my college friends are coming to town.  It’s my son’s birthday, Communion, graduation, Grandma turns 100 and I have 72 birthday parties. Next year sounds good. The excuses can be endless.  So for 21 meals in a week, not including snacks, you will stress about ONE.  You will waste the time eating well prior to that, all because of that ONE meal in your future.  You will wait.  Then you can start.  What if you just started eating smart now, then enjoyed your holiday meal?  Call me crazy, but that’s a thought.

The Food Fraidy Cat:
You’re worried about the day.  You really are in love with the food that will be there.  You can’t stop thinking about how good it is and are actually afraid of the food.  Will it open the flood gates?   Your mother makes everything the old fashion, Italian style way.  You LOVE food and are trying to do well, but you know the choices will run the spectrum and you know you have no control!  Relax.  It’s just food.  Why do we get so obsessed with it? When we obsess and it’s all we think about, we stress over it and end up eating everything in sight. We put so much emphasis on trying not to think about it that it’s all we think about.  Relax.  If it’s that good then take small pieces of what you love and eat it.  Enjoy your meal.  Eat with intention, not guilt.  Then back on track when the meal is done.  Stay in the moment, stay in today and do well today.  If you stress about it you will hold on to weight.  Stress increases cortisol.  Cortisol holds on to belly fat.  Relax.

The Contradictor:
If you knew what I ate you would think I should be so thin.  I eat all clean, healthy foods.  I want to lose 10 pounds.  I have extra weight on.  I love to pick.  I graze all day on food.  I see it, I pop it in my mouth.  I just heard two totally different things.  We convince ourselves that we eat well, but block out the other detrimental habits like they don’t exist.  Time to wake up to what you already know and change the action.  Becoming aware of your own head game, to pretend like you don’t know, will help to get you out of the lost place.  Ask someone to say a word, make it up, make it funny so you don’t get mad at them and when they see you, let them say it.  “Furphy” (a portable water container, who knew).  Live alone?  Have a text buddy that has your back.

The Noncommital:
You are going to TRY to do better.  Now that your friend is coming to the gym, MAYBE you will come to the gym.  I THINK I can cut back on sugar. You SORT OF want it, but if you say the words more definitively, then you actually do it.  Change your language.  Don’t fear committing to you!  I am going to do better.  I am going to the gym.  I will cut back on sugar.  Our thoughts become our words become our actions. If your thoughts are wishy washy then your actions will be too.  Say it.  Mean it.  Do it!

Yes there is a holiday coming for many of you/us.  A religious one in fact!  Relax in to the beautiful day.  Enjoy the time with family.  Remember why we celebrate.  If we waited for every holiday, party and celebration to come and go, we’ll always struggle.  If we get to anxious, we will hold on to weight.  If we talk ourselves into a place where we don’t see our pickings, we won’t know to stop.  It’s a celebration.  Enjoy the meal.  It doesn’t have to become a feast if you don’t let it and if you do, then poop it out on Monday and move on!  The key is to relax.  If you know you will eat the whole bag of jelly beans once you start, then don’t start.  Don’t open the gate. Plan ahead and work toward a celebration by eating well leading up to that day. Know what you will eat. Navigate through the good stuff and take small portions of the fun food on the side. Save them for after you have eaten well and you will eat less. Don’t dive into the lasagna first. Save it for after the turkey and veggies. Let your stomach fill up with what will serve it well and then taste the rest. You can do it. Then go for a nice long walk after dinner.

Your Iron Beauty Coach,
Kathi Sottosanti



You won’t eat that, there are 240 calories in it, that is way too high for a snack!  Is it?  What does that mean?  What if it has 240 calories of golden nutrition for your body, but you say no because you think it’s too high in calories.  What if I were to tell you that that 240 calories were not only amazing energy for your body but that your selection of food was going to repair your body, feed your muscles, reduce your body fat and make you stronger?  Would you eat it then?  Are you looking at the calories and getting scared?  You could be turning away the best nutrition for your machine, your body, and your success.

Kathi big weightI know a ton of skinny people.  Skinny.  They won’t eat what’s too caloric.  I am hoping that that word starts to have a negative affect on you.  Skinny. That word that used to be sexy at one time, yes it’s true.  Twiggy time.  That takes me back to the days of iceberg lettuce and Tab in 7th grade.  I would order a salad like a know it all snob and ask for iceberg lettuce ONLY with a Tab and lemon!  Dumb ass, that was the least beneficial.  I was young.  And skinny.   I know some of you are reading this only wishing to hear for once that someone would say, “wow you look skinny”.  But I don’t think that is the gift.  I think the gift if fit.  I am surrounded by women and men of all sizes. I am watching my friends on FB just crushing it and I am so proud of them.  Some are bigger then others but they are strong, they are fit, they are healthy and they are FABULOUS.  That’s hot.  You are not “skinny” but you are doing Mud Runs, triathlons, Warrior Dashes, Ironmen and shit that most people only dream of!  You are hot!  You are fit.  You need to fuel your body with great foods. Do not fear the calories.  Drown yourself in nutrition.  Fat doesn’t make you fat, it’s fuel for your body.  You are strong.  You know what scares me is the woman who comes in every day to do cardio forever, then weighs herself.  It breaks my heart but that’s another blog altogether.  If you are training don’t fear food that cost you calories, your body needs the good stuff to repair and grow.  Be smart.  I know you will have questions after this and there is so much more to learn.  We are just starting our journey.  Respond as you see FIT and we will talk.  More to come.  Thank you for reading!

See you in great shape,
Your Iron Beauty Coach
Kathi Sottosanti



not aloneThe question was this:  Is being PUDEKCUF addicting?

You learned about PUDECKUF in my last blog.  If you missed it just read it backwards, it’s actually two words.  F*CK*D Up.  I talked about what normal is.  What is normal?  We all strive to find it but does it actually exist?  I say if you have issues you are normal.  Whatever your issue is, millions have it as well.  Most people I know struggle with something,  real life “stuff”, stress, ailments, addictions, you name it.  We use food for comfort or to take care of our feelings.  I know beautiful woman who had real life issues at 3 years old.  Real.  At three this little girl hid in a closet and ate the candy that she got from a birthday party.  That candy was the only thing that felt good.  At such a young age she could not even remotely know how to handle the situation at hand.  She was THREE! A toddler.  No one would fix the problem.  The problem just existed and was ignored so it could be continued for years to come.  Food was love.  Food felt good.  Food filled her soul when humans could not.  When she started to feel anxious, she would eat.   Her weight started to go up.  And up.  And up.  Food was safe.  Another beautiful woman developed very young.  I was almost 16 begging for my body to grow up, I couldn’t imagine being 10 and having boobs.  With boobs, came unwanted looks.  Looks that a 10 year old, who should be jumping rope and playing hop scotch, couldn’t decipher.  So she ate to change that.  And her weight went up. And up. And up.  Food was safe.  When we are safe, we think we feel good.  Safe if comfort.  But it’s a double edge sword.  Do you actually feel good?  Not the kind of good you want to feel.  Good should not be confused with comfortable.  In fact, comfortable is not good enough. Food becomes a safety net for many different reasons.  The safety net then turns in to habit.  It may take years to have the AHA light bulb moment that tells you, wow, that’s why I do what I do.  And it usually comes from very deep conversations with a third party.

So yes, it is absolutely possible to become addicted to being PUDEKCUF because it’s what we know.  Making changes would require going to the unknown and that is what scares people.   What if I make changes?  Will I feel that way again even though it is YEARS later?   Will I not be safe any more?  What will it bring? What if I fail trying to succeed?  Get out of your own head.  Don’t let that attitude hold you back.

You are living in the present. THE PAST WILL NEVER CATCH YOU!  You have power and control to choose where you want to go.  Making small changes daily can help you slowly find the person you are supposed to be. To feel the good that is your right to feel.  It is never too late and you are never too old to start.  Being safe holds on to the past.  Being safe means you are not living your best life, you are living the protected one.  You DESERVE to feel safe.  But you also deserve to feel good.  Then really good.  Then great.  And one day amazing.  But you won’t know if you don’t try.  Taking care of yourself and your health is an Iron Beauty must.

Take action:
1) Upon waking, say to yourself:  I am worthy.  Don’t believe it?  It doesn’t matter.  Our thoughts become our feelings become actions.  Practice.
2) Find a picture of your young self.  Keep it somewhere where you can see it all the time.  Look at that young face and love it.  That little person is you.  Treat that young person as you would any other beautiful little girl.
3) Fear is self created.  Release it.
4) Take small steps to creating a healthier you.
5) Trust.  Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen to you if you took better care of your health?
6) Most importantly LOVE yourself.  Today.  Not some day.  Today. Exactly who you are because today you are beautiful inside and out.

If you are reading this then you are already part of a network of people who want the best for each other. I recognize that it is far more complicated then what can be written in a blog, but I am quite sure that together we can continue communicating, growing, breaking free and moving forward! Why? Because being PUDEKCUF is what NORMAL actually is. LET’S BREAK THE COMFORT HABIT! IT’S TIME TO START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! Your feedback is welcomed!

See you in great shape!
Your Iron Beauty Coach,

Kathi Sottosanti




I am so glad to hear that you are coming here for motivation and a check in.  Life is real. Thank you for printing and sharing with your friends and passing this around.  I heard some beautiful feedback today and I am so grateful!  So here goes today’s rant.  Thank you for reading!

I have told many of you about the word I created.  The word is PUDEKCUF. Pronounced poodi-cuff.

You have an issue.  You think you are alone.  You can’t talk to anyone about it because you are afraid people will think you are crazy.  So you stay quiet and suffer.  You eat or drink your woes away and are not going in the direction you would like.

I had this beautiful, angelic looking young woman from Germany take my class a couple of years ago and at the end of our total stranger 30 minutes, she came up to me and said, “I cannot spend one more day throwing up!”  Just like that.  She was 23 and had been throwing up her food since she was 13.  Her parents didn’t know, but now I did.  I said, “You are not leaving this gym until you talk to me, let’s go to my desk now!”.  I asked her if she had heard of the word PUDEKCUF?  She said no.  I said of course you haven’t because I made it up!  She laughed.  You have been throwing up for 10 years.   You think you are fkd up right?  “YES”, she said.  Well, what if I were to tell you that you are just the opposite?  What if I told you that because you have an ISSUE that you are totally NORMAL!  She hugged me.  We became instantly connected.  I told her what PUDEKCUF meant and she felt right at home with me.  Once she trusted me I told her the toilet does not need her nutrients.  Her body does.  Giving it up to the toilet meant she would hold on to body fat.  Releasing those calories sends a message to the body that you are in starvation mode, so the body will HOLD on to the body fat.  People who suffer from Bulimia have more body fat than then the normal person making it the constant curse.  It is so important to understand that YOUR BODY NEEDS THE NUTRITION.  So eat to grow healthy.

What is normal?  Normal means you have issues.  Tell me whose life is perfect?  No one. Everyone of us will suffer at some point, loss of loved ones, financial distress, kids, parents, marriage, relationships, disease, all of it.   EVERYONE.  Every ONE of us has stress and life to deal with and that is real.  That is normal.  So here I am to tell you that if you have an issue YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Please hear me.  If you have an issue you are normal.  So what is PUDECKUF?  It’s FUCKED UP backwards!  Yes it is.  So you think you are fucked up, which makes you feel alone, but the truth is if you are FUCKED UP you are totally NORMAL.  That’s why I created PUDEKCUF.  To tell the world that we are all one team.  There isn’t one human being out there who isn’t subject to STUFF.  We all have it so let’s make PUDEKCUF a household word because being fkd up is really so NORMAL!  Your are a part of Iron Beauty which means you are never alone!  We love you!

See you in great shape!
Your Iron Beauty Coach,
Kathi Sottosanti