There’s good news, there’s bad news and then there’s gossip.  The difference between bad news and gossip is that it’s often hearsay.  It may be true, but it also may not be true.  I laughed a good laugh last summer, after the sting wore off, when I heard that I had become a lesbian.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it was news to me!  Then again, you know what they say, the wife’s always the last to know lol!   I told my family right away and they took the news of my new lifestyle well, we joked about it and moved on.  I like to get to them before the outside chatter gets to them.  It’s all a part of growing in life and like my friends say, if they’re not talking about you then you worry.  Iron Beauty was taking off and ironically, our mission was, and is, to move others forward!  That will never change simply because it’s who we are, not just what we do.  We want the best for others.

Why do we hunger for other people’s business?  I was out recently when I heard someone say to another, “Did you hear about . . . “.   And I have been thinking about that a lot.  One sentence, said with a uncanny smile and without a 2nd thought, at the expense of someone they really didn’t even know.   Do they think about it again once it’s passed their lips, or do they lay their head on the pillow at night and just fall asleep peacefully, as that information travels the universe growing like a snowball rolling down a hill.   One sentence about someone’s state of being is likely attached to a million tears by the time it becomes spreadable news.  And that’s how we take care of people?  I bet that’s not a part of the thought process when it travels from mouth to ear.

Gossip is like food.  Really bad food.  Junk food!  My thought  . . . it makes your soul fat.  People crave it, even starve for it.  We are addicted to reality shows, why not share news other’s personal business too?  Where are the boundries?  We chew up the news and spit it back out of our mouths.   That’s no different than food that is spoiled.  Like the bad pistachio nut that ruins everything.  It makes phones ring and texts fly.   Our nation is already suffering from obesity of the body, it’s a good thing it actually isn’t food!

I know full well that if you are reading this, then you are an Iron Beauty and are on our movement to all good things only at the expense of our own selves.  I am grateful for your team work, your compassion and your like-minded way of thinking.  I say we don’t give up, but work harder together to keep moving the mountain even if it feels enormous at times.  That’s why we have a team, it can’t be done alone.  A wise woman answered gossip once by saying, “I hope what you are saying isn’t true”, and squashed the words in their tracks.  I have taken those words in to my life.   No one is perfect.  Life doesn’t always go as planned, but if we’re lucky enough, we will be surrounded by people who have our back!  I’ll gladly have yours!  Thank you for having mine!

©And thank you for reading! A little off the path I know, but just felt like saying it!

casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.
“he became the subject of much local gossip”
synonyms: rumor(s), tittle-tattle, whispers, canards, tidbits; More
engage in gossip.
“they would start gossiping about her as soon as she left”
synonyms: spread rumors, spread gossip, talk, whisper, tell tales, tittle-tattle, tattle; informaldish the dirt
“she gossiped about Dean’s wife”

In good health,
Your Iron Beauty Coach
Kathi Sottosanti



BLOGIMAGE-01Last Thursday I lost one of my soul mates.  This can be an argued idea, but I don’t believe in “A” soul mate.  I think that’s actually way too much pressure to put on one person.   I have always said my soul is filled by many of you, including of course, my children.

Iron Beauty is not just about lifting weights, we are two real women over 50, with kids and multiple jobs trying our best to maintain our womanly-ness through all of the madness, growing a business, competing out of our comfort zones and managing the stress that life has to offer!  Graduations, end of school craziness, $10 dollared to death, birthday parties galore, proms, dances, food shopping, cooking,  and out of nowhere, the unthinkable loss of a friend.  We do the best we can to stay on path until LIFE happens and it all goes out the window.  Last weekend I competed in a powerlifting competition and less than a week later I was eating pizza almost daily to survive, crying inconsolably and drinking until I fell asleep to quiet the noise and try to breathe.  Only to wake up and do it all again the next day.  My mind was gone.  That mind cannot lift weights.  No sir.  What does this mean?  Is it over?  Do you give up?  Not at all.  That would be the worst way to honor my friend.  I have a pre- party dance at my house on Friday with the entire grade and their parents.  My daughter said, “Mom, we can cancel if you want.”  I told her that Mrs. Mcgee would absolutely NOT want that to happen.  Break tradition?  How dare we!  We need to walk past her house proud because she will be there to see you go.  She is everywhere because that’s what angels do.  They have wings so they can travel which means they don’t miss a thing!

We set goals for ourselves.  We fight to accomplish them.  We can’t predict life so we do the best we can when the storm hits.  It’s so important to fight and not give up.  Having a purpose will get you back on track even in the worst of times.  I have been on an unexpected break.  It’s not easy losing one of your soulmates, but she was promoted to an angel, a huge accomplishment!  I know now that I have the biggest cheerleader ever!  I can lift mountains if I can get through last weekend watching her family, friends, priests and so many loved ones go through what they went through.  I will call on my angel for help every step of the way.   She will lift each of us up in the hardest of times.  , This one’s for you Diane.  Thank you for listening to me without judgement.  Thank you for having my back when others were chewing me up as I grew.   Thank you for loving me always and for being you.   I will forever cherish our stolen time because life was so busy but we managed to steal the best of the best times.  Get ready, I will be calling on you, uhm. . .   EVERY DAY FOR STRENGTH!  I will create a new set of goals to reach for and get to work and we, at Iron Beauty, will push all others who need help to do the same!  Our mission to motivate moves on . . .

RIP Diane Cocchia Mcgee.  June 9th 2016.  Love you my soulmate!
Your Iron Beauty Coach

Kathi Sottosanti