I was having dinner the other night with two great friends and this was the subject. How this couple is drawn to sweets and how they were enabling each other to buy their problem. There are many poisons to battle out there.  One in particular that I would like to talk about, as a result of my dinner convo is sugar addiction. And I would like to thank them both for their honesty.

Do you find yourself passing the seafood/deli counter in the supermarket to know that aisles 2 and 3 are juices, cookies candies? The Oreo’s are on sale two for $5 so you have to get them.  You’ll get the thin ones because they’ll be better. But then you’ll go home and eat the whole sleeve. That’s when he said we might as well get the milk and allowed it to happen. Skim milk has 12 grams of sugar in a cup as well. The voices of these foods are calling out to you no differently than someone else’s addiction.  BUY ME. COME ON. YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME. But then you eat it and feel tired, sluggish and guilty. You’re hungry at 3 pm and the only thing calling your name is a sweet treat.  Your office is loaded with sweets that you have to battle daily.   Why do we load our offices with sweets?  I was coaching a Dr’s office staff a few years ago on nutrition, as they were opening food that was bought for them by a drug rep.  It was all the different types of food I was trying to get them away from, foods loaded with sauces and creams with one big boring salad! They knew the food was being delivered and they relied on someone else to feed them. Mistake in my books.

BE RESPONSIBLE AND PRACTICE SAFE FOOD!  Sugar addicts need it to fuel the feel good hormones in their body.  It’s a fix no different than a drug or alcohol, the first taste is like AHHHHH, it’s in my bloodstream.  SUUUUGAAAAAR!  Sugar acts like a drug, the voices call out. Support from family and friends can help.  Courage to ask for help.  Being prepared at all times can help.  Have all of your go to foods ready to fuel your body.  Don’t wait too long to eat in between meals.  If 3:00 is your time, then eat something at 2:40, trick the body, on purpose to ward off the hungry time.  Have a healthy meal and include protein at that time so it’s less of a snack reward that will make you crash and actually something to really hold you over till dinner.  Give your body what it needs and you will be less likely to give it what it wants. When we’re hungry, we need food. When we’re bored, take a walk. Smell some flowers. Be appreciative for another category of life other than food. Get your mind off of it by changing your path with an action. If you can learn to not rely on the unknown you can battle with better strength. The unknown is wondering what your next meal will be which requires a choice instead of the known which is what you packed for the day. The machine in the break room is not your friend. Create a new habit by becoming aware and having all your battle snacks ready. 
Other options:
Perimeter shop the supermarket. All the good stuff is on the outside.
Do not buy what you can’t battle. Block out those foods until further notice. Go down the baggie aisle there is nothing fun there!
Magnesium helps with sugar cravings as does whey protein.
Investigate your gut health.  If your gut flora is off you could be totally craving sugar. PROBIOTICS.
Ask your partner to give you gifts of love that are not cupcakes and chocolates. Sometimes we like to keep each other stuck in our sugar places so we have company. BE STRONG.
Detox.  Trying going one day. No sugar. One day can become two. Find support. Be strong. Write us.
The longer you go the better off you’ll be because you’ll reset your taste buds.
STAY OFF artificial sweeteners. They trick the brain into thinking it’s had something super sweet and will change your tipping point for what you think is sweet.

What we can’t do alone, we can do together!

Write us, sign up for the website, share it with your friends and as always, we are here for you!

See you in great shape,
Iron Beauty Coach
Kathi Sottosanti


self-talkI am changing my whole outlook on my future workouts, I went about it all wrong!  As many of you know I recently competed in a WNPF competition.  I have been training on/off in powerlifting for a couple of years now and made a decision in November to compete in 2016 at 52.  By on/off I mean that I go through phases to give the joints and muscles a break. I do in-season 12 weeks prior to the meet, then pre or post season to give the joints a break, work on my weak points and build through hypertrophy (more sets, more reps).  My one rep max for a deadlift was 285 up to that point, but in the mock meet I did back in January, I only got a very ugly 275.

I spent January to March in pre-season training, and in March my coach and I started the 12 week in-season training program.  This was a linear program, meaning every workout, of which there were four a week, was a new PR.  In every workout I was doing something I had not done before, in order to train for a 300 pound deadlifting goal.  Sometimes I would look two weeks ahead to see what I had in store.  I looked at every future workout with fear and a heavy mind wondering if I would be able to do it.  Therein lies my critical mistake.  My coach Barry Bostick trusted my ability, or he wouldn’t have given me the plan, I however, did not.  How am I lifting 270 for 3 if all I got was an ugly 275 once?  My mindset was a block ALMOST the whole time.  I spent 11 weeks NOT believing in myself, yet I completed every workout almost successfully.  Maybe I missed a couple here and there, for example, 275 for 3 and I got two for the first two sets then 3 for the second 2 and made it.  Essentially, I allowed my mind to control my body, but you know what?  My body won every time!  Take that brain!

There I was in week 11 looking at a 295 deadlift for 4 sets of singles.   And something happened.  For the first time in all that time, it clicked!  Finally! I felt excitement creeping in.  The fear was going away because I was accomplishing what I needed to every week.  It took 11 weeks for my brain to lose to my body but it happened.  I had to succumb to the fact that I could actually do it!  I was so excited to see if I could get that number.  In fact, there was NO way I wasn’t going to get it.  For the first time, I couldn’t wait until Friday.  Everything was different.   The energy was better, I released the mental doubt and blocks from my mind.  I had done it all to this point.  I proved myself wrong and now it was time to believe!  With only one week to go to the meet, I would say that this was just in the nick of time!  I allowed myself to be stuck on one lift, 275 and I compared every workout to that one lift instead of trusting the process that I was getting stronger each time which would allow me to surpass that number and hit my goal.  THAT’S WHY YOU’RE ON A PROGRAM!  KATHI!

9 days later, I pulled a 305 deadlift and became an elite deadlifter.  This also qualified me to move on to Worlds in November.  I am back to pre-season training, working on the weak spots and will start back up in August.  This time I am going to try the experiment of the mind.  I am going to trust the work.  Do the work and believe in myself.  I am going to look at my workouts with 100% confidence in my ability.  That doesn’t mean I will have success every time or get cocky at all (always humble), but I am going to believe I will.  I am going to believe I CAN.  I am going to replace the energy I wasted on fear and channel it in to excitement instead.  I really can’t wait to see what that does for me and my gains.  I will keep you posted.  I hope you take this message, my mistake, and run with your abilities like I am going to do.  Power of the mind!  We’ve got this, now let’s train!

See you in great shape,
Your Iron Beauty Coach
Kathi Sottosanti