To my daughter and yours . . .

Life is whatever you make it. You have the power, even at your age of 14, to recognize that you are in control of your own destiny. My girl. You hold the cards. Your body is your temple. You own it and no one should be allowed to even enter the gate that surrounds you until you are ready for a guest. If that takes years then it takes years and sorry but he’ll have to wait. Why? Because you are so worth it. Why? Because no one is allowed to take from you what you are not willing to give. So don’t give it. Not yet. Not until you are so sure. So sure that he is so worthy beyond belief. Take the time to get to know life. Life has so much to give. Do not fall prey to the bushes! Oh don’t go there. Be stronger than that. I know it’s not easy. It’s what girls do, but let’s get those girls to not do it too. Let’s love them enough to get them out of the bushes. To get them out of their red cups. To not have to seek approval for their beauty from a young boy who cannot see it yet anyway because we are about the inside and they only see the outside. Stop answering every ding every time your phone rings. Our brains now operate much like Pavlov’s dog! We hear a ding and we think we have to respond immediately. We DON’T have to answer the dings! Turn off your phone. For one hour just be you. Make it two and I’ll have my daughter back. Make it 3 and I’ll see so much love. See what I’m getting at?

My girls. Take your time. Boys have no choice but to wait for you so if you are a strong force then they’ll wait. Do not give to them what you are not ready to give. Stay strong in your conviction. If it feels to like it’s too much my first thought is talk to mom. MOM BE READY TO BE OPEN! OR write me. We can work together. I want to help!

Your Iron Beauty Coach,
Kathi Sottosanti
Mom, Stalker, Friend, Trainer, Stalker

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