“I’m damaged goods.”

I was involved in a conversation with a beautiful woman who described herself to a new friend with a warning, that she was damaged goods. In that instant she robbed herself of all of the millions or reasons that make her an amazing woman with a beautiful soul. Robbed of talent, kindness, being a daughter, mother, friend, hard worker, the list goes on, in one little instant all that was good was given a STAMP. DAMAGED. Wow, all I could think was stop right there, we need to change your language immediately! Remember how important this is because your subconscious is paying very close attention. Imagine a spy with you 24 hours a day, listening to your every move and every conversation soaking up how you think and talk about yourself and believing every word! You are actually teaching your own inner self about who you are, based on who you “think” you are, which thankfully can be changed! You are not a on a conveyer belt waiting for a stamp so that you can be taken off the belt and put in the bin to be disregarded!

Mantra: I am presently struggling with a situation that life has put in front of me, I am a GOOD PERSON. Or I have been through a life situation that was not of my control. I am a GOOD PERSON. I will make it through. I deserve to be happy.

We experience all sorts of situations in life. But it is so important to be on point with your language and how you describe yourself. Yes, I know this is easier said than done, which is why I wrote my last blog about having black eyes for beating yourself up. After I wrote that Kathy and I would walk around and talk to women, pay a complement and then hear the negative come back and one of us would say, uh oh you need to read the black eye blog! Not only is it so hard to take a complement, we take it step further by warning people that we are damaged. HELL TO THE NO ON THAT ONE! You are a human being with a soul.

Take a moment and think about those experiences. They are surrounding you so much that you feel like they are who you are. Close your eyes and put them in a box. Imagine they are no longer a part of your being. They are now in a box, and taken off or out of you. Keep the box closed tight, lock it. Let the experiences stay there, away from your soul. Take a deep breath, take another one. Think only about yourself. As a living human being. Think about who you are and list 5 positive attributes. Write them down. ALL 5. Honor yourself for all the good.

Practice for a few minutes each day and change your language. It has to start with you! It HAS to. I tell my kids ALL THE TIME. Be nice. You tell people that too, right? Teachers tell they’re kids. Friends tell friends. You tell your partner when you need to, be nice! Sure you do. Be nice. You mean it when you say it to someone else right? I’m telling you to tell that to yourself. BE NICE TO YOURSELF! If we can’t then we shouldn’t be able to tell our kids to do what we can’t do. Imagine that! And the next time you meet someone and introduce yourself to them, give them the biggest gift you can, give them you and if they are lucky they will get to learn about your talents, love, loyalty, and everything that makes you special! Rock on!

Your Iron Beauty Coach,
Kathi Sottosanti
Health and Wellness Coach


2 thoughts on ““I’m damaged goods.”

  1. I was happy to be a part of that “damaged” experience….from a sweet, humble, down to earth, beautiful young woman, who knows not her deep inner soul if she thinks she’s “damaged”. We could all feel that way about a failed relationship or a wrong career choice, or not having the experience of being a biological mom? Our voices should be heard in a positive way, from our hearts, and from the power we possess as being beautiful women with beautiful spirits. Let’s leave the past in the past and move forward together, giving each other strength and support.

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