Dear Defeated. You are a Super Hero!

It’s easy to recognize the success stories.  We know them.  We love them. We have watched their dramatic changes.  We are happy for them. They’re easy to celebrate.  But maybe we are sad for ourselves.  Other people’s success can be discouraging because it’s not easy.  Our holidays may be filled with stress.  My own cousin and her husband were hospitalized with 3 small children staying with family.  Jeanne, a nurse was in the hospital with shingles and her husband Danny, a NYC firefighter, experienced 2nd degree burns saving people from a fire a week ago!  A hero for sure. Thank GOD they pushed their way home for Christmas, which was not what the Dr. ordered. I’m quite sure my cousin Jeanne walked out of the hospital!


When someone does super well, in someone else’s hard time,  it can absolutely leave you demotivated.  You may get quiet.  You stop moving.  You start to fall back.  They are a success, not because they are any better than anyone else, but because their circumstances are different or they need it NOW.  There is not one size fits all success.

It’s the holidays.  It’s the New Year coming up. We are feeling all sorts of emotions.  I, for one, ate non stop for two days.  I ate more in two days than I’ve eaten in a month!  Ok, I get back on the band wagon tomorrow.  I don’t eat the lingering food all week long.  I get back to Kathi tomorrow.  I get back to training tomorrow.  The past 3 weeks or so have been insane.  Day and night out.  Shopping, cooking, working, shopping, wrapping, more shopping, cards for our service workers, thank you’s, parties, church in heels, get there early but still standing room did I mention in heels, cooking, entertaining, the list goes on.  It’s a race, every day, all day, then crash and repeat and hope to make it to this magical day thinking it’s going to be a total bust, you haven’t done enough and then you hear, “This is the best Christmas ever!” Meanwhile you can’t imagine how it came together!  Does all this sound familiar?  You are a superstar!  If you have fallen off because you have taken care of your family then you are a SUPER HERO.  Congratulations.

We are human.  Not super heros!  Yet we are super heros, just that the definition of super hero is not someone who flys, X ray vision, or can have the power to turn you to fire or whatever a super hero does. A super hero is only in the movies or are they? Aren’t WE all SUPER HEROS for what we accomplish in life? YES WE ARE.  A super is someone who can attempt to hold it together, while managing life, kids, pets, and all of the above, because that is real.  So let’s not feel bad for what we haven’t done, but really look at what we, as humans, accomplish every day, (workouts don’t matter here), I mean as humans who take care of others, who have battles with other, who have sacrificed, who have lost loved ones, who are taking care of loved ones.  WE ARE ALL SUPER HEROS!  Embrace it.  And tell me what your super hero is!  Because you are one! Merry Christmas my super amazing friends.  I love all of you and cannot wait for one hell of an amazing 2017!  We are going to blow it up! I can’t wait to learn about your magic because X Ray vision has NOTHING on you! xoxoxoxoxo

See you in amazing shape,
Kathi Sottosanti
Your Coach!
Health and Wellness Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Loving Stalker!
Mother of 5


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