Say NO to the Sabotager!

The Sabotager! Beware of the person that wants to take you down! They could be your best friend, family member or even your spouse!
Sabotager: The deliberate attempt to damage, destroy, or hinder a cause or activity.
The Free Dictionary
Here’s how it goes. You need to lose weight. You are on a plan. You are susceptible. This is not easy for you. You are doing your best to stay on track but you love food and as long as you don’t have it around, while trying to lose, you will be ok. Until the dangler steps in. You know, the person who takes it out of the drawer for herself, but wants you to have it too, just take it come on it’s only ONE piece. Or is it? Do you actually think you need to comfort her or not hurt her feelings?  YOU DON’T! She’s not dangling a carrot, more like the cookies, candies and junk in the drawer! Why, because it makes her feel SO much better when you succumb. She wants you to cave so she’s not alone in her inability to not eat. She feels better but you don’t. You are now mad at yourself for giving in to the low hanging fruit (aka cookies, candy, junk) because, well, you want it and are doing what you can to stay away until it’s put under your nose and you hate to be rude.  BE RUDE!  SAY NO!

The Sabotager struggles with food. They have it in their drawers because THEY need it. THEY want it. They struggle with weight. It is not on you to feel guilty. They’re not just trying to be nice by sharing their Snickers, they need you to eat it to ease their guilt for wanting it. It’s human nature to feel better when we fail with company. Who wants to fail alone? Take the bait! NO THANK YOU!

That’s when you get strong. You have to shut her down. Thank you Dorothy, but I am on a plan. My COACH KATHI tells me that those foods are not on my list, but you enjoy them I am really working hard on my health! WHAT? You defy me, she’ll think, these foods no longer taste as good? Oddly. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll turn her around?! It actually empowers me when others know I am on a strict program and want me to blow it. I know they know better and that makes me stronger. Mentally and physically.
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Say no to Sabotage!

Your Iron Beauty Coach and loving stalker,
Kathi Sottosanti
Health and Wellness Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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