Welcome to Iron Beauty! My name is Kathi Sottosanti. I began my career in the fitness business in 1993 with a job at Shape Magazine. My powerful belief that fitness and beauty were so intimately connected was the driving force behind growing the beauty business for Shape. I then went on to do the same thing for Cooking Light Magazine. My passion and knowledge for fitness and beauty allows me to combine what I love and apply it to our business. My very good friend and business partner, Kathy Claudino, and I have joined our abilities to create a business that will seek to empower individuals and generate positive energy within our clients. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, NASM Certified Personal trainer, Corporate Coach, and Instructor.  On top of that, and most importantly, I am proud to be a mom to my five amazing children (five pregnancies, up and down 40 - 50 pounds each time.  I know the drill!).
All of the above is a wonderful accessory to my natural ability to coach people. This is the most valuable piece of wisdom and has been an asset my entire adult life.  I am a "go-to" person for advice and motivation, and have worked for over thirty years helping people find a better path. I hope to help you too.

Hello, my name is Kathy Claudino and I am in love with fitness! I can't say that was the case my whole life though. In fact I was a high school gym drop out. When the teacher said run, I did, right out the side door! In fact I cut every gym class for 4 years. My passion was my art. I love to take rooms, walls and furniture and make them in to beautiful one of a kind designs. I worked on Wall Street for 20 years and successfully ran my own business on the side.
Kathi Sottosanti and I became friends in 2000 and that is when my transformation began. I had two children in my 40's and had never lifted a weight until my babies were born. They were small, but felt heavy. I was very skinny with no lean muscle. Kathi bought me weights and started training me in my basement. That is where my journey in to fitness began. I learned enough to train myself and completely changed my meals. In time, I was able to add a good amount of lean muscle to my body and my once 2 pound bicep curls evolved in to a 70 pound barbell curl. I was featured multiple times in Pauline Nordin's ebooks and was featured in Oxygen Magazine September 2015! I know first hand how good it feels to accomplish a major transformation. Now, together, Kathi and I have combined the forces of being a "mental trainer" and breaking down the walls that exist in our minds, along with our "physical trainer" capabilities to move you all forward. We can definitely do this together and I really look forward to working with you!