Corporate Coaching

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The stress levels in America are at an all time high. We are expected to do so much more and often for less reward. We are managing jobs, family, crazy schedules, bills, and trying to make ends meet. Employees are expected to give as much as they can, often while sedentary throughout the day. Most of us will forget to put ourselves on to our schedules, we will skip work outs, eat processed foods because it's just easier and we will gain an average of two pounds a year throughout our adult life. We will wake  up one day and say, "How did I get here?"

That is where Iron Beauty comes in to help! We create new and fun challenges for employees all year long. We connect on a personal level through all means of communication. We speak to groups to motivate and follow up with smaller group sessions in the form of lunch and learns, seminars on exercise, general Q and A's and more. Iron Beauty challenges employees with 90 day weight loss contests and sub contests to keep it fresh. We offer personalized phone consultations for employees and the feedback has been great.  When your employees know you care enough to hire coaches for them, their desire to give back increases. The bonus however, is that you will likely be saving lives which is far greater than the money your company will also undoubtedly save as the cost of their health care comes down.

The difference between Iron Beauty and other "health companies" is our unique ability to connect with real people and break down walls while we watch your employees open up and eventually change how they live for the better! We look forward to working with you and your staff.